555HO00008 MOONRAKER  EX(93)

Outstanding milking dtr....below!

D-V-C MOONRAKER Darcy VG(88) EX Mam. Potential EX...67 in tall!
High production milking over 120 lbs per day.
Bred and Owned by Delaware Valley College,  Pa.

555HO00008 Regan-BH-ALH MOONRAKER-ET, EX(93) EX(94) F&C

USA 66625789,  born 7/29/09, 100% RHA-NA , aAa  324156, No CVM or CDH

PTA +465m -0.09% -8F -0.05% -1P
$85 NM, $128 FM  PL +2.202.77 SCS, +0.40 DPR,  80 dtrs, 40 herds 92% Rel.  
Calving Ease 9.5, Mat CE 8.5, Sire ST birth, 8.8%, dtr SB 8.1%
 Progeny Proven
Dtrs avg over...81 pts Actual (they keep going up in score, several now VG)
83.4 Age Adj.
+1.63 Type,+1.47 Udder Comp.+0.39 FLC ,Dairy +1.47  88%Rel.
+1818 TPI +2233 LPI  (4/17)

008 MOONRAKER's Sire Stack: SHOTTLE  , an EX(93)2E, DURHAM, an EX(95) RUDOLPH, an EX(90)3E JOLT

MOONRAKER is very unique in many ways.  He is Delight's only Shottle son in AI,  He comes from a very high progeny and genomicly proven cow family , for ACTUAL production both high lactation and lifetime, Excellent type for generations, extremely high components, depth of pedigree and the ability to produce top proven sons. His Gr.Dam ZIP had 3 proven sons on the 4/10 top 100 TPI list.... more than any other cow! His dam Delight...now has 5 Excellent and 11 VG offspring. She is also the 3rd dam, of a former No.1 CTPI heifer of the breed at +2718 CTPI and now the 4th dam of the breeds highest CTPI heifer  at +2797 CTP !

He was a very tall..strong bull ...he was scored EX(93) @ 4-His dam was scored EX(93)2E , his gr. dam was EX(95)

GOLDEN EYE & MOONRAKER's ...Dam and Grand Dam pictured below.

GOLDEN EYE & MOONRAKER's Dam....Sold for $94,000 (2008 Regancrest Sale)
Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET TV EX(93),EX(92) Mam. 2E@6yrs
 Gold Medal Dam, Dam of Merit,  Zip's best dtr.!
USA 135722170 100%RHA-NA,  over 61 inches tall, 2yr old photo, 
3rd Generation. EX
2-03 2x 365d 33,290m 3.8% 1278f 3.1%1046p
3-08 2x 365d 40,820m 3.8% 1543f 3.2%1306p
  5-10 2x 365d 40,930m  3.7% 1539f 3.2%1310P 
Now 12 EX, 11 VG and 13 GP offspring...one 78, lowest!
GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER's Mat. Granddam.....Windsor-Manor Rud Zip TV TL
EX(95),EX(94)Mam.,EEEEE, 4E @9-09 GMD,DOM       
 3 sons on (4/10) top 100 TPI list ! Former No.1 Prod. Life Cow of the breed!
1-09 2x 293d 20,350m 4.2% 864f 3.6% 738p 2-09 2x 365d 31,020m 4.3% 1330f 3.6% 1104p
4-07 2x 365d 39,230m 3.8% 1490f 3.3% 1298p  6-10 2x 365d 36,650m 4.2% 1540f 3.3% 1214p
9-03 2x 365d 34,020m 4.3% 1456f 3.3% 1123p over 200,000m Lifetime!
MOONRAKER's 3rd Dam, a Jolt dtr is EX(90)3E DOM, with over 200,000 lbs milk Lifetime

MOONRAKER...is PROGENY PROVEN and has many high producing dtrs..that avg 81 pts Actual. His dam and gr. dam are exceptional. They had high production... both 1st lactation and high lifetime totals..over 200,000 lbs milk. MOONRAKER has tall,strong, fancy high producing dtrs. He was a huge impressive bull. He is the highest classified offspring of his famous dam! His more than Triple Strength semen is very fertile. He is owned by and is exclusively available from Flatness International Inc

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