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Horstsyle Norse VIKING-ET   Reg No.144151400

Powerful ...Potential EX bull at maturity .Outstanding Feet & Legs..feet never trimmed

Unique traits.....A2A2...What the breed needs now... aAa 534612

Top breeding values...+1539 PDM +54F +0.05%P +60 Lbs +$736 Net Merit,76% rel.

2.57 somatic cell count,+2.10 DPR!     NO Genetic Recessives!

+2.01 Type +1.72 UDC + 0.63 FLC   +2622 TPI  (4/18)

Very well balanced .. even his last aAa trait "2"... is quite good +1.69 Stature

Outcross sire stack....Superstar ,Montross , Sudan, Niagra

VIKING's dam....Horstyle Montross Nina VG(86) VG (88 )Mam.@2yr.

32,000m as a 2yr old!   2-04 365d 32,686m 3.7%1220f  3.3% 1078p

VG Gr dam over 40,000 lbs milk,

including Seven HIGH producing VG dams between 40,000 & 30,000 lbs milk!

We have done business in over 30 countries on 5 continents

VIKING is immediately available... thru-out the US, please contact us.

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